DUCKLIFE Mission | Bold. Responsible. Creative.

Image by UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)


If you’re reading this, you probably care where your clothes have come from and where your money is going. We like that. DUCKLIFE is a collection of high-quality, genderless t-shirts and accessories born out of a mission to help uncover and underpin wasted talent in refugee families. We believe that luxury and purpose shouldn’t exist exclusively, and those that have the privilege of investing in aesthetics, should do so with meaning. The truth is hard to hear. But there are almost 80 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, many without access or legal right to education or earn a living. That’s a lot of potential not being reached. This is why 25% of our revenue goes directly to the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) for programs supporting refugees. So yes, our prices might be high - but they guarantee a future bettered with every piece you purchase. Because it’s not always what you know, sometimes it’s the cards you were dealt.